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today was my first day off since the end of june and I decided to spend it on watching anime. I don’t even feel bad for wasting so much time sitting inside the house on a (half) sunny day. the only thing I regret is starting anime shows that are still airing.


Every time I see that the colour of the sky is red/pink, I always think, or sometimes even say out loud, “Blood has been spilled this night." Been doing that since I saw LOTR: The Two Towers for the first time 10 years ago. 

came home last night




My sister and I are planning on backpacking in the central/southeastern part of Europe this June. We would really love to visit Greece, but there’s a lot of problems with the train connections because of the economic crisis. Oh well, we’ll have to see if we can get there. Hopefully, we’ll manage to visit many countries during this trip. We originally wanted to travel for at least one month, but we have to return to Sweden after 20 days to help our parents. I’m still very excited about it, though! I’ve been longing, ever since I came home from Vietnam, for the day that I get to get away from this country to see new things and experience some different cultures again.

I had a really weird dream a few days ago. I was in a biiiig spooky building with some people. The atmosphere was really dark and scary in there. The building had really many corridors and you could easily get lost if you went “too far”. Despite that, we decided to go through all the doors we could see and just got deeper and deeper in without reaching an end. While walking down the endless corridors, you could feel that something bad was going to happen. Suddenly JAIME LANNISTER appeared from nowhere with a bloody knife in his hand and started chasing us. I ran for a long time and really feared being caught, then I woke up and felt so relieved.

I think I’ve been watching and thinking about Game of Thrones too much in the last week.

Fill this in with stuff about you

Age: 17
Where I’m from: sweden
Where I would like to live: berlin
Favourite food: pho
Religion: ------------
Sexual orientation: straight
Single/taken: single
Favourite book: no
Eye colour: brown
Favourite movie: THIS IS TO HARD!! Love actually, reservoir dogs, the royal tenenbaums etcetc
Favourite TV show: new girl/gintama atm
Favourite band/singer: please stop asking for favourites. It's impossible to only choose one
Random fact about me: I've never experienced sleep paralysis and this may sound weird, but I really want to (just once)
Favorite day/s of the year: the days I don't have to be in this country
Favourite colour: blue
If I have any pets: 1 cat
What I’m listening to right now: au revoir by glen check
Last movie I’ve watched: the percy jackson movie. it was not a good one
What’s my ringtone: the sony ericsson ringtone
Favourite male character from a TV show: schmidt
Favourite female character from a TV show: leslie knope
What my name means: nothing
Favourite superhero: batman
Celebrity crush: I have too many

Been thinking a lot about my future these couple of weeks. I don’t know what I’m going to do after I graduate yet, but this is how I want everything to turn out:

  • I would like to take about a year off to travel with my sister/friends for a while and then, if I’m lucky, I’ll get a job when I come home so I can save up some money. After that I’m going to continue studying.

Most of the colleges and universities I’ve looked up and am interested in are located in Stockholm, but I’d do anything to NOT move there. Stockholm is probably one of the worst capital cities in the world. I don’t want to be judgemental, but it seems like a horrible place to live in. Anyway, I haven’t completely decided what I’d like to study yet. Right now I feel like a mix of marketing/advertising and graphic design would suit me best. Still have over one year of school, so I have time to think more about it.

I found my old diaries from 2003-2010 and I decided to read them. Oh, god. Some things I have written are so funny to re-read and there is stuff that I don’t even remember. I wrote surprisingly well in the oldest ones. Not many misspellings at all! Okay, it’s actually not that surprising. I read a lot of books when I was younger and it probably helped my writing skills. I wrote awfully much about all the books I had read in one of the diaries. I mention them even more than my friends…

I’m so glad that I still have them. I love to write things that are going on in my head down on paper. I don’t know why, but I find writing with a pen more enjoyable than typing letters on a keyboard. It somehow feels more real and personal. I still try to keep some kind of journal where I can scribble down my thoughts, but the need to write isn’t really there anymore, so it rarely happens.

Watched the trailer for Kick-ass 2. Seems meh, but omG Chloë Moretzzzzzzzzz.  Even though I’m only 2 years older than her, I kind of feel like a pedo because she’s been one of my girl crushes since she was 13 lol

Saw a cute boy in school today while I was watching and asking the seniors about their projects. He was not attractive in a way that makes you go: ADSJKFK. He was just an ordinary guy, but his facial features and mood made him look so nice and kind. Based on his actions and the way he talked, he seemed really genuine and honest too. I adore people who are like that.

My plan for today was to study because I have math test on Monday, but then I found out that my cousins and their families were coming over. So I ended up baking a chocolate cake, watching Gintama and spending time with them instead. Now it’s almost 1:3 0AM and I’m about to go to sleep, That means I only have one day left to study and remember all 4 chapters of the book (I’ll probably procrastinate the studying a lot tomorrow too). The thing is that I want to get good results this time, because it hasn’t been going that well for me on this math course. But mathematics is so URGHH

Hoping that I can stay focused and not get easily distracted tomorrow. gOOD NIGHT

There are so many “Swimming Anime”-posts on my dash…